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Facebook is a popular social networking site that was published on 4 February 2004. There are two social networking sites are crowded at this time namely facebook and twitter. The founder of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg who is a Harvard student.

Facebook can be defined as a social networking site that was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and was launched on 4 February 2004. Facebook have many benefits one of which is the media information. The positive side of Facebook is very much among others as a medium of information, as a means of entertainment, as a promotion or to search for a soul mate, etc.

And the negative side of that is not good the exemplary like many kidnappings, rape, porn videos and still much the negative side. As a good man, we should use on the plus side.

The existence of Facebook, users can add a profile with photos, contacts, or other personal information can create a community, can join the community and interact with other users. And I will share the tutorial about facebook sign up new account.

Facebook Account Sign Up

Facebook Login Sign Up Page by PC

  • Please go to www.facebook.com sign up or log in.
  • Then you will be taken to a page of www.facebook.com login or sign up for facebook. Please see images below.
www.facebook.com sign up new account

  • On the facebook sign up form, you will see several empty columns that you must fill. Please fill with your personal data. Following the description below.

the description of facebook sign up English:

  1. First name: Please enter your first name.
  2. Surname: Please enter your last name.
  3. Mobile number or email address: Please enter your email address (facebook sign up gmail account or yahoo facebook sign up) or with your mobile phone number.
  4. Re-enter mobile number or email address: Please fill it back with your email or mobile number as in a column on it.
  5. New password: Please enter the password or passwords that you create. Make the password complex but easy to remember. But you also have to remember your password.
  6. Birthday: Please enter your date of birth in this column.
  7. Gender: Please select your gender. Usually, there are two options, namely Female and Male.
  • After that, click "Create an account".
  • Next, will appear the guidance from welcome to facebook log in sign up or learn which consisted of 3 steps. Like the image below.
www.facebook.com login sign up english

  • The Guides on top of www.facebook.com sign up page can be done later. So to speed up the process create an account, just click "Skip this step"

  • So the next time you will be brought to the home page of your facebook account. Usually, will appear a notification to verify your Facebook account. If you use a Gmail sign up facebook when creating a facebook account, then Facebook will send a link verification or verification code to your email. Please click the verification link, or enter the verification code has been provided.

Now the process of facebook sign up new person is finished. You can use your facebook account to find new things.
see it here:

Facebook Sign Up Homepage for Mobile

  • Please go to www.facebook.com log in sign up via your mobile.
  • Then you will be taken to a page of welcome to facebook log in sign up (m.facebook.com). Please see images below.

facebook login sign up or learn more

On the page of facebook log in sign up, please click the "Sign Up for Facebook"

Next, you will be taken to facebook sign up page. You will be asked to fill in your personal data on the form provided. Just look at the image above, the following explanation.

the description of facebook login or sign up:

  1. Last Name/First Name: Please fill in your name.
  2. Phone number or email: Please enter your email address or your phone number (recommended).
  3. Gender: Please select your gender, there are two options namely Male and Female.
  4. Birthday: In this section you will see 3 columns, please enter your birth month in column 4, the date in column 5 and your birth year in column 6.
  5. New Password: Create a password for your facebook account and enter in this column (column 7)

  • After that, click "Sign Up".

  • If you sign up using your mobile phone number, then after click "Sign Up" will be no incoming SMS to your mobile phone number. The contents of SMS is the verification code, please enter the verification code to the columns that have been provided.

facebook login sign up page l

  • If facebook sign up problem, please repeat the above process or if you entered the wrong phone numbers, please click the "Wrong number?".
  • Next, you will be taken to a page request friendship of facebook log in or sign up. You can do it later, simply click "Next".

facebook login and sign up

  • Next you will be taken to a page of the Add profile picture, you can do it later, click "Next"

welcome to facebook sign up login

  • Then you will be taken to the page like the picture below, please click on "Skip"

facebook sign up login

Now you can already enjoy the many features available on Facebook. Happy socializing in social networking Facebook, good luck!

Welcome to Facebook – How to Sign in to a New Facebook Account

Another means you can really welcome into the platform, yet not receiving a brand-new message by signing into your account. Whether it's a brand-new or old account, you constantly invited to take pleasure in the services or benefits for signing up with the system.

  • From the above web link or URL, you can click it.
  • On top of the login panel, enter your email or phone number.
  • Next, you can enter your account password.
  • Finally, click Log in.

Thus this article about welcome to facebook sign up page, Hope this article is helpful to you and others, please share it with other readers so that more useful.