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In its very first quarter 2016 revenues statement today, how many users does Facebook have?Facebook exposed it now has 1.65 billion month-to-month active users (up 15 percent year over year) and 1.51 billion mobile users (up 21 percent year over year). The business likewise shared that it now has 1.09 billion daily active users (a 16 percent bump year over year) and 989 million mobile daily active users (a 24 percent boost year over year).

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Statistic: Number of monthly active Facebook users worldwide as of 4th quarter 2019 (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista As soon as once again, Facebook has handled to keep all its numbers growing, albeit gradually, even on a quarter-over-quarter basis. Facebook's overall month-to-month active user base grew 3.77 percent in the very first quarter.

Breaking the numbers down, 66.1 percent of all Facebook members utilize the service daily, and 65.5 percent of mobile members use it daily also. Moreover, 54.2 percent of Facebook users now access the social media network specifically from a cell phone.

Last quarter, Facebook passed the midway mark for mobile-only users (51.7 percent to be precise). Which number continues to grow, inning accordance with the profits slides (PDF) launched today.

how many users does facebook have

In between Q4 and Q1, Facebook included 71 million mobile-only users. This number climbs every quarter, though it will naturally decrease quickly.

Here is how Facebook explains this classification of users:
Mobile-only MAUs are specified as users who accessed Facebook entirely through mobile apps or mobile variations of our site or utilized our Messenger app, in the last Thirty Days of the offered quarter. The variety of mobile-only MAUs does not consist of Instagram users unless they would otherwise certify as such users based upon their other activities on Facebook.
Facebook does not break out this number in its profits release. However, we expect it every quarter. Even as the social media network's development slows due to its size, the earnings share originating from mobile is still growing. In truth, Facebook shared that in Q1 2016, mobile advertisements represented 79 percent of all profits.
Check it out:
Here are the other four charts for the numbers Facebook typically highlights in its releases:

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how many users does facebook have worldwide

how many facebook users in the world

how many facebook users in the world 2017

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