Create New Facebook Account - Facebook Create New Account

To create facebook account now it's easy and fast. You do not have to pay any cost to create a new facebook account here. You can create a Facebook profile as much as you want. For more information, please read the tutorial how to create a facebook account below.

Currently, facebook is the site of the world's largest online friendship with the achievements of facebook account user 1.44 billion around the world. More than 70% of internet users have facebook accounts. By signing up on facebook, you can share it with your friends, such as photos, videos or stories. In addition to the share, you can also chat with your friends via online, in addition, you can also find old friends who may belong is not find. Well, if you currently do not have a facebook account, here is a tutorial facebook new account create now in the offer by

Of course, everyone makes facebook has some reason, not possible to create a facebook account does not have the objective then surely there are things they want from create facebook account new.

for various reasons a new user of Facebook surely the common reason they feel are the benefits of Facebook. Facebook has many benefits if we use it for the positive thing.

There are benefits surely there is the negative effect, all depends on ourselves. I'm sure you've heard the news about people in prison just denouncing the other people on facebook, then I advise you to be cautious in using the facilities provided in facebook.

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I hope You get to use the facilities that have given by facebook for free this wisely, otherwise, you certainly know the worst impact that will you feel.

How to Create Facebook Account

Create account on facebook requires some terms, namely: mobile number or email address. For those of you who want to use email, but don't have an email, please click here how to create a gmail account or how to create new yahoo account.

OK let's go to the stage of how to create a facebook account, if you have created an email account, please follow the step by step guide facebook sign up create new account as follows:

Create facebook account new user:

  • Please go to the Facebook homepage in then you will see a display similar to this:
facebook create an account

  • If you've seen the look of Facebook homepage like the image above, please fill in the form above appropriate the data yourself. The following explanation:

  1. First name: Please enter your first name
  2. Surname: Please enter your last name
  3. Mobile number or email address: Please fill your email with active and can be used. Because in this case, the email will be useful at the moment facebook account verification on later. If you do not have an email address, that column you can enter your mobile phone number is also certainly is still active and you are using.
  4. Re-enter mobile number or email address: Please fill it back with your email or mobile number as in a column on it.
  5. New password: Please enter the password or passwords that you create. Make the password complex but easy to remember. But you also have to remember your password.
  6. Birthday: Please enter your date of birth in this column.
  7. Gender: Please select your gender. Usually, there are two options, namely Female and Male.
  • After that, click "Create an account"
  • Next, it will appear a page that consists of 3 steps. If you want to set up it later, just click "Skip this step" try to look at the image below.

gmail create account facebook

  • After that, please check your email. Because normally if you create facebook account with gmail, Facebook will send a verification link to the email address you used to create account in facebook. Please open the email sent by Facebook, and then click the verification link. Just look at the image below.

facebook new create account
  • If you create a new account in facebook use your phone number, you will be sent a code number about five figures or more. For that use phone numbers usually only told to enter a code number that has been sent.

  • You have successfully create a new facebook account now, then you only need to set up your facebook account with complete information from your facebook account like profiles, etc.

Hopefully, this tutorial on facebook create a new account the above is useful to you and to others. I hope this article can be a reference for you. Thank you.