Create Facebook Account With Mobile Number

How create a new account on facebook it first I thought everyone could've been. Very unlikely the time sophisticated like now there are still people who haven't been able to create an account in facebook. Because the current internet network its already almost to all corners of the region. And the presence of Facebook is already quite a long time too. But all my prediction turned out to be a great one. After I look at Google Trends, it turns out the keyword search facebook create new account free is huge. This indicates that there are still many people who are looking for in the search engines with this keywords.

On that basis, I thought to make the article about facebook create account now. Expect many who read this article. And hopefully, this article can help all readers including you.

The case of many who search on Google with the keywords create new account facebook now or how to create facebook, I also don't know what the cause. That certainly the keywords it's on Google Trends currently reach + 200%. That meant fastest rising moderately in the search for the past year. Maybe this is the effect of the popularity of social media like Facebook. From kids to adults, the current average certainly already have a Facebook account.

Facebook Login Create New Account With Mobile Number

facebook login create new account with mobile number

After that, create new facebook id by fill the empty columns above as below.
  1. First name: Please enter your first name
  2. Surname: Please enter your last name
  3. Mobile number or email address: Please fill in using your mobile number. It aims when verification your facebook account, Facebook will send you a verification code to your mobile number.
  4. Re-enter mobile number or email address: Please fill it back with your mobile number as in a column on it.
  5. New password: Please create a password for your Facebook and enter the password into this column.
  6. Birthday: Please enter your date of birth in this column.
  7. Gender: Please select your gender. Usually, there are two options, namely Female and Male.
  8. If all the above facebook login home page blank column is already filled with data of yourself , please click "Create an account".
  • Facebook will send an SMS to the phone number of your last input. The contents are in the form of a confirmation code. Write down or copy the code of the number, and input to the confirmation page. Then press the button "Continue".

create facebook account with mobile number

  • After that, the display of new create facebook account will appear as shown below. It means you have successfully create a account on facebook. After that, click "OK"

facebook create new account with mobile number

  • After that, you will be asked to find friends, fill in the information of your profile, etc. You can adjust this later, so just click "Skip this step".

create new facebook account

  • Congratulations create a facebook account now! Now you can use your account to socializing in social media.

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Hopefully, this tutorial about facebook create new account with mobile number could be useful for you and can help you especially for new users. Good luck!