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In this post, I will discuss Facebook. In particular, I will discuss facebook new account login. In fact, I've ever discussed facebook login welcome home page on my previous article entitled Open My Account on Facebook. But maybe you have not read my previous article. Before starting this tutorial, I say thank you for visiting my blog.

welcome to facebook log in

Why did I create this article login facebook mobile phone? Because many of my friends asked me about how to log in to Facebook. Because the new user of Facebook continues to grow, so I think it should make this article to help those of you who are still confused when sign in to Facebook.

Usually, the new Facebook users will search on Google by entering the word "facebook login welcome in the search box. With the aim, they can know how to sign in to facebook. Then they'll find thousands of information or tutorials about how to sign in to a new Facebook account.

Therefore, I will discuss a second time about facebook login welcome home page...
Below I will provide some tutorials about facebook login welcome to facebook that you can follow. I would make with simple so that you are easy to follow. 

If you do not yet have a Facebook account, you can read the tutorial below.

Once you have a new Facebook account, but you do not know how to sign in to your facebook account. Please refer to the way below .

Facebook Login From Computer

Please sign in to facebook home page login by typing www.facebook.com or facebook.com or https://www.facebook.com/. Next, you will go to FB login page as shown below.

facebook login welcome to facebook facebook com

On the facebook login page, you should perform the following steps.

  1. Enter your Email or your phone number you use when creating a Facebook account.
  2. Enter the password of your facebook account.
  3. Please click the button "Log In".

Login Facebook Mobile

If you log in to facebook using the browser opera mini facebook login on your mobile phone, then you will be brought to this link https://m.facebook.com/. Next, will appear facebook login home page mobile like the image below.

facebook com mobile login

How to login to facebook via mobile is not much different with login to facebook via PC. However, I still will explain the steps for you.
  1. Enter your email address or your phone number in the designated direction arrow number 1.
  2. Next enter the password of the account facebook you in the direction of the arrow a designated number 2. If you want the password appears when you enter your password, please click "SHOW".
  3. After that, click "Log In".

Log in to Facebook App

If you have a Facebook application on your phone and you want to facebook sign in login Facebook applications, please follow the steps below.

Open the Facebook application on your phone, it will pop up a page Facebook application on your mobile phone like the picture below.

welcome to facebook login

The following explanation:
  1. Email or Phone, enter your email or phone number that you use to log in.
  2. Password, enter the password of your facebook account.
  3. Last click LOG IN.

Log Into Facebook Lite

If you haven't had a Lite Facebook application on your phone, please download here. If it is already installed on your mobile phone, please go to Facebook Lite application. The images below display example the displayed login Facebook Lite.

facebook lite apk
  1. Please fill in the fields above by entering your email or your phone number.
  2. Then enter the password
  3. Later you must click Log In.

Welcome to Facebook – Steps to Sign up for Free Facebook

To get Welcome to Facebook:

  1. From your internet browser, see www.facebook.com.
  2. Give your regular name you're called
  3. Next, enter your birth date, month and year.
  4. Provide an e-mail address or make use of a phone number rather.
  5. Select your gender either you're a Man or Female.
  6. Develop a password that's really strong.
  7. Finally, Sign up.

Furthermore, in other to get efficiently invited right into the system, you need to verify the contact details you offered by confirming either your email address or mobile phone number. When, that's successfully finished, you will rate to Facebook and other solution offered.
That's a few tutorials that I can give to you. Hopefully, this article facebook login new account can help you. Thank you for visiting my blog. If you want to know a wide variety of tutorials you might search, please visit www.createregisteraccount.com.