How to Change Your Gmail Display Name

Gmail allows you to transform the name that's connected with your email address. Your display name and also your email address will appear when you send an e-mail from your Gmail account.

Here's how to change your Gmail name

how to change gmail name

How to Change Your Gmail Name

1. Most likely to and log into your account by typing in your gmail name as well as password.

2. Click on the "Settings" button on top right, which is represented by a cog wheel, and after that choose "Settings" from the drop-down menu.

3. Struck "Accounts and Imports" from the top menu. (On some versions of Gmail, the tab will certainly simply be labeled "Accounts.").

how to change gmail name 1

4. Select "Edit info" next to "Send Mail as.".

5. A pop-up window will certainly appear. Type your new name right into the "Name" text box.

how to change gmail name

6. Struck "Save Changes" to save the brand-new name.

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Sometimes, customers might be told that "this setting can’t be changed for your account." This can take place if a customer has tried to alter their name a lot of times throughout a brief period, or if the account is a G suite account and also the admin doesn't enable name modifications.