How To See Your Likes On Facebook

Among my buddies was just recently asking me how they might see whatever they have ever liked on Facebook. I asked the apparent concern, why, and got some complicated response about being a pal with somebody who is not a buddy, etc., and so on. Anyhow, if you wish to see all your likes on Facebook, there is a simple method to do this. In this short article, I'll stroll you through the actions as well as reveal you some how to see your likes on Facebook.

how to see your likes on facebook

How To See Likes On Facebook

See All Likes

Very first log into your account and click your name to see your Facebook Profile.

how to see likes on facebook

Now ensure you are utilizing the brand-new Timeline function to see all your activity effectively. If you have stagnated to the Timeline yet, go to the link listed below and trigger it:.

As soon as the Timeline is triggered, you'll see a button called Activity Log right listed below your cover image.

how to see likes on facebook live

When you click that, you'll see a great "timeline" list of all the activity on Facebook arranged chronologically.

how to see likes on facebook app

Now you can just scroll through the list to the time duration you have an interest in, and you'll see something like "Aseem likes an image, " and you'll have the ability to see the picture or the status or the page that you wanted in the 2nd column to the right.
Check over here:
However wait a minute, you're most likely like that is terrific. However, I have numerous products noted, and I do not seem like checking out a huge list of activity simply to discover one like! Well, you remain in luck! If you take a look at the leading right corner, you'll see a little fall box with the word All in it. This suggests it's revealing all your activity. If you click that, you can filter the list to precisely what you wish to see!

how to see likes on facebook page

This is quite unusual since now you click just choose Likes, and you'll get a list of all your likes broken down by month and year! Sweet! However as you can see from the list, you can likewise utilize this to rapidly see all your status updates (Your Posts), all status updates from your pals, all remarks you have made on Facebook, all pictures you published or were tagged in, and great deals on other things.

how to see everything someone likes on facebook

I truly like the capability to rapidly see all the remarks I have composed on Facebook in one location since I'm continuously publishing discuss several walls and this naturally brings it together well in a timeline list. Take pleasure in!