How To Hide Likes On Facebook

How To Hide Likes On Facebook - As just recently our has actually made some fascinating Facebook posts like Ways to conceal surname on Facebook, The best ways to upgrade facebook status from several mobile phones on your computer system, Today we are publishing about making personal privacy techniques of about ways to conceal liked pages on Facebook (or) the best ways to conceal pages which you LIKE on Facebook.

A lot of us do not wish to share our whole details on Facebook relating to pages which we like, profiles which we follow, and so on relying on our individual privacy factors. So there may be some facebook pages which we wish to LIKE however wound up refraining from doing so since we hesitate that our good friends will learn about it. So would you like to know the best ways to like a page without letting others understand that you liked it?

Actions to conceal pages which you LIKE on Facebook:


Go to your timeline, click 'More' fall menu button then click 'Likes.'.

How To Hide Likes On Facebook


Click the edit (pencil) icon on the leading right of Facebook next to the 'Include Likes' button and choose 'Edit Personal privacy' from the fall menu.

How To Hide Likes On Facebook
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A pop-up will Appear next where you can modify the personal privacy setting of your Facebook pages classifications, click the 'Arrow' icon and choose 'Just Me' which indicates you will be the. Just one who can see the pages you liked under that specific classification. If you wish to conceal your whole Liked pages on Facebook them make all classifications settings to 'Just Me.'.

How To Hide Likes On Facebook

I think this post will be valuable to you everything about making personal privacy- concealing liked pages on Facebook, How To Hide Likes On Facebook where as you'll still see the liked pages however your good friends will not, and you'll still have the ability to get that page's helpful updates without your pals ever understanding.