How To Find Facebook Friends On Google+

Google does not enable you to straight import your Facebook buddies to your Google+ account.

To discover your Facebook pals on Google+ you initially have to export your pals to a Yahoo account and after that export your real friends from your Yahoo account into your Gmail account.

I have detailed guidelines on how to find Facebook friends on Google+.

  • Instructions on the means to export your Facebook pals to a Yahoo account.
  • Directions on the ways to export your Yahoo contacts into Gmail.

When your Facebook good friends have been moved into your Gmail account, you can then discover your Facebook buddies on Google+.

How To Find Facebook Friends On Google+

1. On the top-left side, under the Google+ logo design, click House then on Individuals.

how to find facebook friends on google+

2. Click the Yahoo Mail group situated on the left side, and you will have the ability to see all your Facebook pals who are on Google+.

how to find facebook friends on google plus

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