How To Delete Likes On Facebook

How to delete likes on Facebook - Letting your Facebook pals understand exactly what you like the website could not be simpler. If you believe a particular post or remark is amusing or appropriate, just click the "Like" link underneath it. Likewise, if you delight in a particular company or item, utilize the "Like" icon at the top of the page to reveal you're a fan. If you alter your mind about liking a page or post, undoing the action is rather simple.

How to delete likes on facebook

How To Delete Likes On Facebook

Action 1

Erase a Like from a remark or post by going back to the post and clicking the little blue "Unlike" link in the post.

Action 2

Eliminate a Like from a page by going to the house screen of the page. Gain access to a page by typing its name in the search bar at the top of Facebook, and pages you like immediately turned up initially in search results page. Additionally, go to the "Information" tab on your profile and click "See more pages" in the "Activities and Interests" area-- every page you like is noted.

Action 3

Click the "Unlike" link, situated on the left side of the page simply under the variety of individuals who have decided to like the page.
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