How to Make a Heart in Facebook

How to make a heart in Facebook - Facebook supplies locations, such as the "News Feed," where you and your good friends publish messages and remain linked. Besides your note, you likewise have the capability to include little signs like hearts to these messages. Most importantly, you do not have to make these images with a graphics program and submit them to your account. Rather, utilize a HyperText Markup Language (HTML) sign to make the heart images on Facebook right away, as you choose.

How to make a heart in facebook

How to Make a Heart in Facebook

Visit your Facebook account.

Browse to the location where you wish to make your heart. For instance, click the "House" link on the right to include your signature to the "News Feed," or click the "Profile" connect to access your page and include the image to your "Wall.".

Position your cursor in the offered text box and type the following: ♥ Enter this code with no areas between the characters.

Click the "Share" button. Your sign now looks like a dark, healthy heart inside the post message.
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