Make Heart on Facebook

Make Heart on Facebook - Facebook users typically see the heart sign "?" on status updates and need to know the best ways to use it to their updates. The procedure is easy and can be achieved in 3 methods:

Make Heart on Facebook

Make Heart on Facebook

Direct Input into FacebookThe fastest method to go into the heart character on Facebook is to utilize the less than three technique. Users must put "< 3" anywhere they desire a heart to appear on their status. For instance, if a user wishes to state "I ? this tune" they ought to type "I <3 this tune."

Alt Code Input

Another alternative is utilizing the Alt code. Hold down the "Alt" secret and press the numbers that refer the sign required.

Keep in mind: The "Number Lock" need to be made it possible for on the keyboard for the Alt codes to work.

To make the "?" sign with the Alt codes, hold down the "Alt" secret and press the number 3 on the mathematical keypad as soon as, then launch the "Alt" secret. This will develop the heart sign any place the text cursor lies.

Somebody that wishes to state "I? waffles" would have to type this in "I (Alt +3) waffles".

Keep in mind: Not all characters put on Facebook in this manner will appear.
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Copying and Pasting from Windows Character Map

The Character Map is a helpful tool that permits Windows users to see readily available characters for any typeface set up on their system. Users can open the character map in 2 methods:

Run Command - By holding down the "Windows" secret (to the left of the alt secret) and pushing the letter "R," the Run window will appear. In the Run window, key in the word "char map" and struck Get in or click "OKAY" to open the Character Map.

Start Menu - Click Start, "All Programs," "Devices," and "System Tools" to discover the Character Map program.

When the Character map is open, scroll down to find the heart sign. Double click the sign or click as soon as then click "Select" to put it in the writable area. Click "Copy" to copy it to the clipboard.

Merely put the cursor back on the Facebook page (or other text-based application) and right-click and choose Paste to paste the heart any place the cursor is.

Somebody that wishes to state "He? his partner!" would key in "He" then paste the heart character and continue typing "his partner!".

Keep in mind: Although there are numerous various signs offered in the Windows Character Map that can be copied by doing this, some will disappoint up in Facebook and other text input areas.