Why Are People Posting Hearts on Facebook?

Why are people posting hearts on Facebook? On Tuesday, a variety of individuals were publishing random hearts on their Facebook timeline, making us question why there was a lot of love being flowed on the social network's platform. We then discovered that the hearts had something to with breast cancer awareness.

Why are people posting hearts on facebook

Why Are People Posting Hearts on Facebook?

Although breast cancer awareness month is observed in October, it isn't typical to see the heart emojis getting flowed throughout the course of the year to ask females to obtain their breasts taken a look at.

The principle is as follows: Females are expected to publish a heart on their female good friends' Facebook walls, then send out a personal message describing that the heart is a subtle suggestion to obtain themselves looked for swellings.
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The objective is to produce a domino effect then. However, the catch is that males aren't expected to refer to as the video game is just indicated for females.

In 2016, it was reported that India experienced a 1.5 lakh boost in breast cancer cases. Research studies likewise figure out that over 17 lakh ladies will have breast cancer by 2020 in the nation.