Delete Facebook Account Immediately

We're going to reveal you ways to delete Facebook account immediately from any gadget (mobile, tablet, and desktop) and exactly what alternatives you, in fact, got to do this completely today!

Make certain to follow each action of this tutorial thoroughly to prevent disappointment. If you follow every guideline, you'll get your FB account erased permanently within 2 Week from now.

how to delete facebook account permanently without waiting 14 days

Visit your account

Before you can erase your profile, you'll need to have the ability to visit your Facebook account from a smart phone, tablet or PC.

If you have forgotten your password, click on this link to reset it. In case you have any concerns, don't hesitate to make a remark at the bottom of this page, and we'll address you as rapidly as possible.

  1. Browse to the homepage of Facebook to visit your account.
  2. In the field listed below Email or Phone, key in your signed up e-mail address, telephone number or username.
  3. In the area following Password, enter your Facebook password.
  4. Click login button to the right of the password field

Delete Facebook Account Immediately

To completely close your account, you'll need to utilize a web internet browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Web Explorer. Erasing of FB-accounts can not be done through the first Facebook phone or tablet app.

  1. Browse to the removal page here.
  2. Click Erase My Account.
  3. Remember that you'll not have the ability to reactivate your account or bring back any of your material or info you have included after the 14-day quarantine duration.

delete facebook account immediately

Verify your Facebook password

This action may not be needed. If you do not see this screen, only continue to the next action.

  • Enter your Facebook password in the empty text field.

delete facebook account permanently
Check over here:

Select the proper images

On the top of this screen, you'll see a text that informs you which images to pick. This is utilized as a preventative security measure to confirm that you are a human and not a bot.

  • Select all the images including the product or location explained in the text. You pick images by clicking them (the images will get a green border around them when picked).
  • Click the OKAY button.

facebook account delete option

Your Facebook account will be erased after 2 Week

At this moment, your profile has been shut down and made unnoticeable to other Facebook users. Your account will be deleted permanently after 2 Week. Sadly there is no other way erase your account completely without waiting 2 Week. The factor being that Facebook wishes to provide you an opportunity to cancel the removal of the account and reactivate it in case you regret your choice.

Within the 2 Week (beginning with the day you finished this tutorial), you can just log back into your account as you normally would reactivate it.

facebook account delete option link