How Can I Delete My Facebook Account?

If you read this, possibilities are you are among over 1.59 billion individuals worldwide who utilize Facebook. The social the networking giant isn't revealing any indications of decreasing, with approximately five brand-new profiles produced every 2nd and 300 million images published daily. Since Facebook is such an essential part of individuals' lives, the considered providing it up can be scary. However exactly what if you wished to step away? How can I delete my Facebook account?

how do i permanently delete my facebook account

Well, for those of you who are vibrant sufficient to compromise Facebook for a little bit more web personal privacy, this tutorial will teach you ways to erase your Facebook account entirely.

Keep in mind: You can not reactivate deleted Facebook account. If you just wish to step far from Facebook briefly, you need to

deactivate your account rather.

How Can I Delete My Facebook Account?

Action 1: Go to

How can I delete my facebook account

Action 2: Check out the details offered then click Erase my account.

how can i delete my facebook account permanently

Action 3: Total the confirmations needed, then click OK.
Check This Out:
Which's it! You have erased your Facebook account (permanently!).