Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notification Sound iPhone

It's irritating when your Facebook keeps humming all the time while you talk with your enjoyed ones. Even I, in some cases, get irritated with such noises and vibrations when talking with my buddies. Be it a group chat or private chat; the beeps are constantly on.

To repair this problem, today I am going to share a basic technique through which you can quickly turn off Facebook messenger notification sound iPhone as well as the vibration when you get brand-new notice throughout chats.

turn off facebook messenger notification sound iphone

You may have attempted the earliest of the approaches to shutting off the seem like browsing to settings and altering the default notices choices in its Messenger settings. I considered leaving the discouraging noises by adjusting the basic settings in my iPhone, however, think exactly what? The noises were still ON when I got a brand-new notice while talking from the Facebook messenger.

Due to this, I attempted to check out more from the Facebook Messenger settings itself. And I lastly got an option for the same.

Ways to Turn Off Facebook Messenger Notification Sound iPhone

I can comprehend that when you remain in an individual conference or the workplace, you do not desire others to understand that you are utilizing the Facebook Messenger. It is rather apparent that at your workplace or a location where such things are not permitted, you cannot turn on to the chat box; else the noises will ringing all around. To prevent such scenarios, you have to follow the easy technique offered by me in today's tutorial. By the method, you can likewise attempt some other methods to prevent Facebook Messenger absolutely to talk with your pals in trouble complimentary way.

So here's exactly what you have to alter in the Facebook Messenger settings to prevent the humming throughout the chats:.

Action # 1. Introduce the Messenger App on your iPhone.

turn off sound facebook ios

Action # 2. Tap on House → Tap on Profile Icon.

turn off facebook messenger sound ios
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Action # 3. Tap on Alerts.

turn off facebook sounds iphone 6

Action # 4. 3 choices will be offered; Do Not Interrupt, Program Previews and Notifications in Messenger → Tap on Alerts in Messenger.

how to turn off facebook messenger sounds on iphone

Action # 5. Toggle the Noise and Vibrate choices to off mode to prevent alert sound/vibrations throughout the chats.

how to turn off sound on facebook messenger app

If you desire your gadget to vibrate on getting the alerts, you can toggle it to on. And if you are not interested in getting notices throughout chats, you can merely tap on the Mute and toggle it to ON. By this, you will not get a single alert in your chat messenger.

So these are some easy actions that you have to follow and viola!