How Do You Delete Your Facebook

Facebook can be downright bothersome at times, or perhaps you simply wish to go off the radar for a little while. Here are How do you delete your Facebook account, plus the best means to shut down Facebook temporarily

  • To permanently delete your Facebook account login the Delete Account page
  • Click 'Delete my account.'
  • Alternatively, momentarily deactivate Facebook in Settings, Security, Deactivate your account

It's crucial to comprehend the difference between temporarily deactivating your Facebook account and permanently deleting your Facebook account When briefly deactivating your Facebook account your information will remain on Facebook's servers, and to reactivate your Facebook account all you require to do is log in once again.

This is ideal if you might go back to the social media at a later date, and in the meantime, no-one will have the ability to discover you through Facebook's Search function, nor see your profile online.

In completely deleting your Facebook account, however, your pictures, messages, posts and more are gone forever. There is a way to download all the information from your Facebook account before you erase it, though, which we'll explain later on in this short article.

How Do You Delete Your Facebook

If you have chosen that you wish to delete your Facebook account permanently, you'll require to set about things somewhat differently. Check out Facebook's Erase Account page (click on this link) and log in (if haven't currently).

You'll then have to click "Delete my account," but please ensure that you're particular that you don't ever desire to review your Facebook account again.

how do you delete your facebook
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Before you go - Ways to download Facebook data

If you want to keep the details and data on your Facebook account before you delete it, you can download whatever as an archive onto your computer. To do this, you'll require being visited.

Navigate to the arrow to the right of the blue bar at the top of your Facebook window, click 'Settings' then click 'Download a copy of your Facebook information' at the bottom of the page. You'll then require clicking the green 'Start My Archive' button download get whatever consisting of posts, images, videos, messages, chats and information from Facebook.

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