How To Stop Getting Texts From Facebook

Facebook Text Message Alerts looked like a smart idea to me when I initially became aware of them, however after some weeks of utilizing the function; I'm fed up with it. Why? Because there's so damn numerous ... and I do not care about understanding everything that happens with my Facebook account. I have got enough text as it is and I desire out. Here are how to stop getting texts from Facebook.

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How To Stop Getting Texts From Facebook Easy

So the info may not be on the front page of their site, once you learn the best ways to unsubscribe from the notices you'll see simply how simple it is! Keep in mind how you registered by texting Facebook? Well, unsubscribing is the same thing nearly.

Alternative 1: Text Off to the number that you send your status updates to

To opt-out of Facebook's Text Message alerts initially get the mobile phone you're getting the texts on and open your text applications. Next, text back the number you get Facebook updates from to unsubscribe from Facebook's text alert service.

how to stop getting texts from facebook

Exactly what's going on here is you're letting Facebook's SMS publisher understand that you desire from the notice service. You ought to get the verification message that you have been unsubscribed within seconds.

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Likewise: You can always text 33665 (FBOOK).

Please bear in mind that you can resubscribe by texting "on" to the same number. Have no idea the name? When you registered for Facebook messages there was a verification text that you need to have gotten however if you're still lost here's your next choice, however, initially, you'll have to be near a PC.
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Login to Facebook and Unsubscribe in the Mobile Tab

As soon as you have visited your Facebook account click the Account tab in the leading right and choose Account Settings.

how to stop getting texts from facebook messages

Click the Mobile tab, and after that, you'll see the radio button to switch on and off Facebook text.

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Required Aid?

If you didn't get any text informing that you have unsubscribed, you could text "ASSISTANCE" to FBOOK. That will supply you with some more details on how you can look for aid with unsubscribing to Fb's alert service.