Facebook Confirmation Code Text

Maybe if you include people who rarely use the internet in your day, but on the other hand, you want to have activity in social media especially facebook. In fact, you can still find out all activity on your facebook account without you having to always use the internet.

How do I?

You can use SMS to Facebook on your mobile phone. From here you can accept all notifications on facebook account like you access facebook using the internet. You can update the status, receive notifications if there is a status which marked you, commented on a status, and all that you can do via SMS.

If you receive a notice from facebook via SMS, you will not be charged unless you commented, making status, send messages on facebook, etc.

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For that, at this time I will discus on 32665 facebook mobile confirmation code. Here are some tips that you can use.

Get facebook confirmation code text on your mobile phone

  1. Please create an SMS by typing "F" to 32665 and send from your mobile phone.
  2. After that, you will receive an SMS from facebook that contains a confirmation code and a confirmation link.
  3. The following is an example of an SMS reply from facebook.

Register a Facebook account for Facebook SMS on the computer

1. Open facebook website https://www.facebook.com/.

2. Next, log in to your facebook account.

3. Click the inverted triangle icon that is in the top right corner of the homepage of your facebook account.

4. Then select and click "Settings"

5. On the page "Settings" select and click "Mobile"

6. If you haven't added your mobile phone number to your facebook account, please click "+ Add another mobile phone number" But if you ever add was previously a cell phone number on your facebook account usually will appear.

7. Then click "Activate Text Messaging"

Furthermore, it will appear like the image below.

8. Please select the country where you live.

9. Select operator mobile.

10. Then click "Next"

The next display will appear ...

11. Before entering the confirmation code from facebook, you must perform steps such as "32665 facebook mobile confirmation code" namely by sending a SMS "F" to 32665.

12. If you've got SMS from facebook that contains a confirmation code, please enter the code in the column that you have prepared.

13. After that, click "Next"

Now you can enable SMS facebook on your mobile phone number, next you will receive notifications from your facebook account via SMS.

Hopefully, this article about text from 32665 facebook confirmation code can help you and can increase your knowledge about facebook. And hopefully could become reference material for you.