How To Stop Facebook Texts

How to stop Facebook texts - Shut off texts signaling you when a buddy likes a picture or talk about your status in merely a couple of taps ...

How to stop facebook texts

Facebook text alerts that signal you if a good friend resembles your image or talking about a status can be helpful. However here are ways to turn them off if you discover them irritating.

Are you routinely getting the text from 22 6600 29, detailing whenever something occurs on Facebook, whether it's a pal liking your image or talking about a status? Then you have text notices turned on for the social media network and, while you might discover this helpful, for some, it can be frustrating. Here are the best ways to change it off:
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How To Stop Facebook Texts

Open the Facebook app on a smart device or tablet, and journalism the More button to show the Menu alternatives. On an Apple gadget, this lies in the bottom right-hand corner, while on an Android device it can be discovered in the leading right-hand corner. Now scroll down the list provided and tap Settings.

Now from the choices showed choose Account Settings, scroll down and tap Alerts, then select Text Message. Beside the area significant Alerts, it will be turned on. Uncheck this or set the slider, so it states off.