Facebook Video Downloader

Facebook video downloader - Facebook initially presented video assistance back in 2007 and had ever since enhanced the function, for example by including HD video support. Users can, in fact, come across two kinds of videos; Videos that are hosted on Facebook after users publish them, and videos that are embedded in messages and wall posts.

Facebook itself has no controls to download videos that are hosted or embedded on the social networking website. Users who wish to download videos from Facebook have to try to find 3rd party services, like scripts, extensions, and software application.

Numerous traditional services reroute the user to 3rd party sites where the videos are downloaded. That's not incredibly easy to use. This guide takes a look at services that provide direct downloads from Facebook without 3rd party website redirection.

Browser-Independent: download Facebook videos

Facebook Video Downloader

Most likely the simplest method to download videos from Facebook is to do the following:
  1. Open the Facebook video by itself page on the Facebook site.
  2. Change www in the address bar with m, so that the start checks out https://m.facebook.com/ rather of https://www.facebook.com/.
  3. Refill the page.
  4. Right-click on the video later on and choose "conserve video as" to download it to your gadget.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox users have the biggest selection of tools and extensions at their disposal. I'm going to present two various choices here; there are nevertheless much more readily available.

The very best alternative is to check out the main Mozilla Firefox add-ons repository and look for Facebook Video Downloads. A list of internet browser extensions is shown to you which you can utilize for that function.

All share that they show an icon in the Internet browser user interface that you can click to download the video on the page to your regional system.

Facebook Video Downloader [upgrade: not offered] - is another alternative. This is a user script which works with the Firefox web internet browser. It is required to set up either the Greasemonkey or Scriptish extension initially before user scripts can be installed in Firefox.

Check out the user script's page of the user script after setting up among the extensions noted above. A click the Install button sets up the text.

facebook video downloader pc

Userscripts control websites when they are packed. Facebook Video Downloader includes a download connect to every video page on Facebook.

free facebook video downloader online

Please keep in mind that you might need to refill the video page as soon as before the download link appears on the page.

Google Chrome

The user script pointed out above might work also. Chrome like Firefox supports user scripts. No new extension has to be set up before creating user scripts in Google Chrome. Follow the setup guidelines above to set up the Facebook Video Download user script in the Google Web browser.

facebook video downloader chrome

An option is the Windows software application Google Chrome Cache Audience which shows all cached products in the web internet browser. Videos, like other media, are cached on the local hard disk drive. Just arrange the screen by material or file size and choose File > Conserve Selected Products to save the Facebook video to another area on the hard disk.

Please keep in mind that the video has to be playing before it appears in the cache audience.
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Opera users can use a comparable software application called Opera Cache View by the same designer. It uses the very same performance as the Google Chrome software application.

Web Explorer

Think exactly what, Web Explorer users can utilize IE Cache View from the very same designer for precisely the very same performance. Only begin the video on Facebook, open the software application, try to find the video and download it.


Video Cache View is another option. The application supports numerous web browsers and filters their cache for videos. This makes the recognition of the Facebook video a lot much easier.

We have demonstrated how to download Facebook videos straight with extensions, user scripts, and applications. The guide provides a minimum of one option for each modern web internet browser out there. The services often might be restricted to the Windows os. However, that's exactly what most of the Web users are utilizing.

If you have a various option for download videos from Facebook, let us find out about it in the remarks.