How To Download Videos Off Of Facebook

Facebook is a beneficial backup medium for our valuable images and videos, however just if we understand ways to recover them from the social media. And exactly what if we wish to download videos published by others? Here are how to download videos off of Facebook.

how to download videos off of facebook

A reader composed into PC Consultant to ask: How can I download Facebook videos onto my PC? I have stupidly erased them off my disk drive, so Facebook is the only location when I have them kept. I would likewise want to have the ability to download videos published by other individuals. Exists a method to do this?

Here's how we resolved their issue:

How To Download Videos Off Of Facebook

There are a couple of methods to download Facebook videos to your PC, and there are entirely free downloadable applications which can do it for you. Nevertheless, lots of such requests likewise want to set up different unwanted functions at the very same time, such as web browser toolbars and other rubbish. Also, see 13 finest Facebook ideas and techniques.

Here are ways to download any Facebook video to which you have gain access to, utilizing just your web internet browser.

Ways to download your very own Facebook video

If you're attempting to download your very own videos, the procedure is simple. Go to your timeline and click 'Images.' Next, click 'Albums' and after that, the album called 'Videos.' If you hover the mouse over a video thumbnail, you'll see a little pencil icon appear in the leading right-hand corner. Click this icon to raise a menu. From here you'll have the ability to choose 'Download in SD' or 'Download in HD.' You might discover that clicking on these links plays the video rather of downloading it. If this takes place, you can right-click on the video as it plays and chooses 'Conserve video as ...' to download it.

Additionally, you can right-click on 'Download in SD' or 'Download in HD' in the menu and choose 'Conserve link as ...' to save the video to your disk drive.
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Ways to download a pal's Facebook video.

If you wish to download a Facebook video published by somebody else, the above technique will not work. You can, nevertheless, still download any video you can see on Facebook, by changing to the mobile website initially.

Click the video you wish to download, then go to the address bar and modification '' to.', leaving the remainder of the URL as it is. This will take you to the mobile variation of the page including the video. Click the video to play it-- do not omit this action or the next action will not work. Right-click on the video and choose 'Conserve video as ...' to download the video to your PC.

Ways to download a buddy's Facebook video in HD.

The above approach will download just an essential meaning variation of the video. To download an HD change is more complicated and needs usage of your internet browser's designer tools. Numerous freeware tools and sites provide to do this entirely free. However, you ought to avoid these.

In Google Chrome, browse to the page including the video you wish to download. Make sure to click the video to bring it up in its window, do not attempt this with a video embedded in your news feed.
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Press Ctrl-Shift-I to raise the Designer Tools pane. This must appear either at the bottom of the page you see or in its pop-out window. Click 'Network' in the top of the Designer Tools pane and play the video you wish to download. Next, click the HD icon in the bottom-right corner of the video to play the HD variation of the video.

The designer panel must begin to fill with details on all the components of the page as they pack. Click the funnel icon, three icons in from the leading left of the designer panel. This permits you to filter the result in assist you discover exactly what you desire. Type video into a package and you need to see a minimum of one entry of the kind 'video/mp4'. If you see 2 of these, then one will be the basic meaning video, and the other will be the HD video.

You can follow an equal treatment in other internet browsers. Initially open the Facebook video to its page, then:

In Firefox, press Ctrl-Shift-Q to raise the Network Designer tab, then click 'Media' at the bottom to reveal just the videos on the page.

In Web Explorer, press F12 to open developer tools. Then pick the left icon wing which looks like a cordless router. Click the green triangle to allow network was catching and after that play your video in HD. Scroll through the outcomes till you discover video/mp4 entries. Right-click on the video/mp4 entry and choose 'Open link in the brand-new tab.'

This will open the video in its internet browser tab where you can right-click and choose 'Conserve video as ...' to save the video to your disk drive. These last actions are the same in all the significant internet browsers, although the precise phrasing might differ a little.