How to Download Facebook Videos Easily

You are a Facebook user, then one day you are online and you found a video on Facebook that was really interesting. At that time, you want to save that video or maybe you were afraid that the uploader of that video will going to delete it someday before you have a chance to watch it again. Or maybe you want to transfer those videos to your phone or laptop so you can watch it later. To do this, you have to download the videos from Facebook.

When you want to download videos and Facebook but you realize that you are unable to download your favorite videos from Facebook is something that will make you and most users annoyed am I right? But don’t worry, there is always a solution to every problem.

There are certain ways so you can save your favorite videos on Facebook. How to download videos from Facebook? Follow these tips below click site so you can know tips of Facebook video download online.

Facebook Video Download Online Step by Step

1. Make sure that the videos that you want to download are hosted by Facebook. For your information, Facebook allows the link of many videos from many sites and Facebook users can also host videos on Facebook directly.

How can you know that the videos that you want to download are hosted by Facebook? Simple, you just see what the host is by check underneath the title and preview of the video. If the video is no host listed, then the video is clearly being hosted by Facebook itself.

2. If the videos are hosted by Facebook, then right-click on the link to the video. Then, select “copy link address” from the menu which appears later. Alternative way is that you can load the video and the next thing you do is copy the URL from the browser’s address bar.

3. Is there any downloading service for Facebook video download online? Yes, honey. We are glad that the technology is developed year by year so you can download videos from any sites easier that before. You can visit a Facebook video downloading service that will help you to download your favorite videos from Facebook.

There are several downloading services which are available online. But some sites are ad-supported and they are often to trick you with fake download buttons so you have to be careful with that. You should click the download button only to direct you next to the text field. If you set your browser to block ads, then you can have the best experience using these sites to download videos from Facebook.

4. The next step is paste the URL into the text field. Then, you just click the download button to the right of the text field only. This will take you to the page of the video that you request to download.

5. Right-click on the download link. You can choose to download it with Low Quality or High Quality. Right-click on the download link and click “Save link as”.
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That’s our tips on how to download videos from Facebook.