Spotify Won't Login With Facebook

The other day and today I have had issues logging into Spotify. It began the other day when my computer system went offline, and I attempted visiting. It did not work, however, because I needed to go to operate at the time, I didn't believe much about it. Today, when I was going to work, I found that my phone had logged out, and Spotify won't login with Facebook. The same mistake was taking place on both my computer system and my phone, no matter the web connection I utilized. I have attempted the login choice in the internet browser too - however, it does not work.

When I push the button to visit with Facebook on my phone and in the web browser all I get is that the e-mail is signed up. I currently understand that, since it's my account. Nevertheless, I cannot log in. It just informs me that my e-mail is signed up and I cannot register it again. However I'm not attempting to sign up a brand-new account, I'm aiming to log into my old one.

I am a Spotify Premium user, and I'm rather pissed off since now I cannot pay attention to music - not even for my method to work. I'm hoping you can assist me because I do not believe I'll get a response from getting in touch with Spotify whenever quickly.

I have currently asked numerous of my pals - they can visit with no issues.

Exactly what I have attempted to fix the issue:

  • - Upgrading Spotify on my phone.
  • - Deleting and re-installing Spotify on my phone.
  • - Deleting and re-installing Spotify on my computer system.
  • - Erasing Spotify as an application on Facebook, and permitted Spotify to obtain info from them as soon as again.
  • - Handicapped the firewall program briefly

Because this is working for my good friends, I think the mistake is with my Facebook account. I have inspected, and it does not appear like I have obstructed Spotify or anything. I have included some images here:

spotify won't login with facebook
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