Use Spotify Without Facebook

Not everybody is delighted by the principle of needing to have a Facebook account to be able to utilize Spotify. Personally I can overcome it, however, if you object, then continue reading.

There are some actions to being able to use Spotify without Facebook-- and among them is to register for Facebook!
  1. Obtain a brand-new e-mail address using incorrect information
  2. Register to a brand-new Facebook account using false information
  3. Register to Spotify using your brand-new Facebook account
  4. Set up Spotify so you can visit with your Spotify username and password (rather of Facebook).

Use Spotify Without Facebook

1. Obtain a brand-new e-mail address utilizing incorrect information

This is as basic as producing a brand-new e-mail account using the numerous services that exist on the internet. I advise Gmail. However, you can utilize exactly whatever you like. If you use Gmail, make certain you just fill out the areas at a loss box as program listed below. There is no have to offer an existing e-mail address or telephone number.

use spotify without facebook

2. Register to a brand-new Facebook account utilizing incorrect information

This is straight forward. Simply go to the Facebook login page and get a brand-new account. You will have to validate your account with your brand-new e-mail address from action 1 above.

how to log into spotify without reactivating facebook

3. Register to Spotify utilizing your brand-new Facebook account

Now get your Spotify Account using your brand-new Facebook Account. Select "Log into Facebook" using your brand-new incorrect account.

disconnect spotify from facebook
A fantastic read:

4. Set up Spotify so you can visit with your Spotify username

Exactly what you have to do now is configure your account so that it permits other gadgets (i.e., a Sonos speaker, Capture box, etc.) to access your Spotify Account.

Very first log in utilizing your Facebook qualifications, then choose "modify the profile."

use spotify without facebook login

Click "set password for your gadgets."

access spotify without facebook

Ask for an e-mail to be sent out to your brand-new Gmail address.

get spotify without facebook

Set your Spotify password. Remember the "gadget user name/number" which is your brand-new Spotify username. The username will show up in your profile. However, the password is not.

can you get spotify without facebook

Log out of Spotify, then relog in utilizing your brand-new username and password.

can u use spotify without facebook

Return into "modify profile" and uncheck "Share my details with 3rd parties".

Lastly, every customer that you utilize for Spotify has some choice settings to suggest if Spotify needs to share your activity. Simply discover the option settings and shut off any sharing functions. The example listed below is for the PC Spotify Customer.

can you get spotify without having facebook

Keep in mind well

You will have to remember your Gmail account information. Otherwise, there will be no other way for Spotify to call you if there is a problem (i.e., with your password). Likewise, if you forget the Gmail password, there is no other way for Gmail to reset your password because you didn't define a password when you signed up.