Facebook Banner Image Size

I was just recently upgrading among my customer's page on Facebook, and I discovered that even having my cover photo optimized and following all the Facebook Standards, it got all screwed up (pixelated) when I published it on his page. I observed that a couple of months back and Facebook has been neglecting that concern ever since.

Have a look at the Facebook banner image size listed below:

  • Display screens at 851 pixels large by 315 pixels high on your Page on computer systems and 640 pixels broad by 360 pixels high on mobile phones
  • Does not show on function phones
  • Should be at least 399 pixels large and 150 pixels high
  • Loads fastest as an sRGB JPG file that's 851 pixels large, 315 pixels high and less than 100 kilobytes

facebook banner image size

For profile photos and cover pictures with your logo design or text, you might get a much better outcome by utilizing a PNG file.

So exactly what Facebook (business) standard states is that if your image has the right measurements (851px X 315px), and it's less than 100kb it needs to be great, nevertheless if you attempt to publish a picture today with these measurements & specifications, I can ensure that Facebook will wind up compressing your image much more (if that's even possible) and it will look all strange.

I truthfully do not comprehend exactly what's going on and why Facebook is disregarding that concern. Why do not they enable Service Pages to publish a high-resolution cover image? I do get that high-quality publishing images will require more area and all that. However, you understand exactly what? They have the loan to do it.

I have been attempting to find out how a method to repair this problem. However, I have not been fortunate up until now, so if anybody has any concepts of ways to fix, please let me understand.
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Facebook Cover Dimensions 2017

Facebook has quietly released the brand-new Facebook profile called Timeline. It's a last brand-new profile page that makes Facebook more much better and useful. Photoshop can develop the image cover. The measurements of the facebook timeline cover are 851px large and 315 px high.

facebook banner template

Exactly what the Facebook Cover Dimensions in inches?

The Facebook timeline measurements in inches are 4 inches for the width and 1.5 inches in height.

facebook cover photo size in inches

Exactly what the Facebook Cover Dimensions in mm?

The Facebook timeline measurements in mm are 225.16 mm for the width and 83.34 mm for the height.

facebook cover photo ratio