How To Change My Email Address On Facebook

How to change email address on Facebook - Although it would be practical to keep the same e-mail address for life, it does not consistently exercise that method. Lots of users discover it essential to alter their e-mail addresses for numerous factors. Changing your e-mail is not a huge offer, however, when it pertains to Facebook, it's a bit more complex since your e-mail address is likewise your Facebook login mail ID. You can alter your login mail ID on Facebook by browsing to the Facebook settings page and validating your brand-new e-mail address.

how to change my email address on facebook

How To Change My Email Address On Facebook

1. Search to and log in to your Facebook account

2. Click the "Account" button in the top right corner of the screen. Click "Account Settings."

3. Scroll down to your e-mail address and click the "Edit" icon.

4. Click "Include another e-mail."

5. Enter your brand-new e-mail address into the "Email" field and click "Conserve Modifications."

6. Input your Facebook password when triggered to verify the changes.

7. Visit your e-mail account and open the verification message from Facebook. Click the "Verify" button within the message.

8. Click "Account," then "Account Settings." Click "Edit" beside "Email." Click the "Get rid of" button for your old e-mail address to finish the procedure of altering your login mail ID on Facebook.
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