Facebook Full Site Privacy Settings

Maybe you've already read my article about create new facebook account, then what should you do after you create a facebook account?

Of course, you should set up your facebook account. So you can adjust what information can be viewed and what information that only certain people can see it or only you can see it.

We all know, facebook is a social networking service that has many users. So when you make a facebook account then you will be informed about the views of many people, so many users are experiencing problems with privacy in the facebook account.

For that, you have to understand how to set up your facebook account so that your privacy is maintained and that you can do to avoid crime on social media.

Therefore, I will now guide you on facebook full site privacy settings. You can make general settings on your facebook account like changing your facebook username, change your facebook account name, email add or change email, add the number phone, etc.

What should I do to set up my facebook account?

First, you must Access your facebook account by clicking the icons like the gear that is on the top right corner of the homepage of your facebook account. On the drop down click "Account Settings", look at the image below.

Next, you will be taken to the page settings. But now I will discuss on "General Settings" for other settings may be on other opportunities. For the following examples that the appearance of the "General Settings".

You can set up all of the data that you need to change. If you want to change it please click the "Edit" on the right side of the menu.

Facebook Privacy Settings Guide

1. Change name facebook account

The Facebook account name is the name that will appear on each activity on facebook. So the name usually consists of two words namely first name and last name, but currently, you can make a facebook account name with the one word, you can read the tutorial below.

How To Make Single Name On Facebook Account
So if you want to change the name of your facebook account, you do not need to delete your facebook account today and make a new account, you only need to change it in the settings menu of facebook, because facebook has features to change your facebook name.

On the page "General Account Settings", select and click on the "Name" Then how it looks will like the picture below.

There will be three columns which you can fill, in the column First for the first name, middle name in the Middle column to if you have a name with three words and the Last column to your last name.

After that, click "Save Changes"

2. Change facebook profile username

Normally facebook will give default username when you create a facebook account. You can use this feature with it simplified it to change the username on your facebook account.

In the "General Account Settings" select the and click the "Edit" on "Username". Then click the link "Verify via mobile phone".

Then enter your mobile number and select the code of the country you live in. Then enter the password of your facebook account after that click "Submit".

Then there will be an SMS from facebook, please go and see confirmation code on the SMS  and enter the code in the column that you have prepared. After that click "Confirm"

After that, you can set the privacy of cell phone numbers that you add to your facebook account, whether your phone number can be seen in all people, just friends or just you. Then click on "Save Settings". Here's an example of how it looks.

If you are asked to re-enter your facebook account password, please enter the password in the fields provided.

Please go back to the settings the username and click "Edit", please enter the username that you use, then click "Save Changes"

3. Change facebook email login

In this feature you can change or add the email address on your facebook account. How on page  "Geneal Account Settings" in the "Email" click on the link "Edit". Next click "Add another email" Then enter the email address you want to add. Next click "Save Changes".

Please check the email at the email address you just add on facebook, because facebook will send you a confirmation link. Click that link and you're done.

4. Change facebook password

If you want to change the password of your facebook account, you can use this feature. Please click on "Edit" in the "Password". Then enter the password that you use currently in the column "Current" and then enter the new password in the "New" and enter the password again in the Type column of the "Re-New". After that click "Save Changes"

5. Change facebook network

In this section I will explain it in another chance, because the explanation is fairly complete.

6. Change facebook language

If you want to change the language in your facebook account, click "Edit" in the "Language" after that on the "Choose primary" select language you would do, after that click on "Save Changes"

Some of the more common settings that you can do in your facebook account, I hope this article was helpful for you and hopefully could become reference material for you.