How to Find Someone on Facebook With Phone Number

If you have a facebook account is certainly the first to be your goal is looking for friends on facebook. Trying to find as many friends. Because our goals to make a facebook account is to socialize with people anywhere.

If you are looking for friends on facebook by default, of course, it is very easy, you can submit a request for friendship to anyone ...

But what if you want to find someone you know like old friends, relatives, etc. You can try to enter that person's name into the search field, if he has a facebook account then chances are you will find it but you have to look one by one because it would be a lot of accounts that appear with almost the same name.

In addition, you can also use the email address of the person you want to search his facebook account and in a way more ...

I think the right way to find someone you know is using a cell phone number. This way is more accurate because if the friend that you mean add his phone number on his facebook account that he had then you will find it.

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How to find friends on facebook by phone number?

So from that, I would provide some tutorials for you about facebook search by phone number. The following steps.

How to search facebook by phone number

The first way 

  • Go to
  • Please, log in to your facebook account.
  • See the search field on the homepage of your facebook account, try entering your phone number of friends that you want to search his facebook account.

  • If the owner of a cell phone number it has a facebook account and adds his phone number on his Facebook account then will appear account from your friend.
  • Please click the account then you will go to your friend's profile page.
  • After that, you can add him to be your friend on facebook.

The second way

  • Next, the page will appear as shown below.

  • Then you can enter the name of a facebook account that looks into the search field, you will see multiple accounts that appear, select that have the same profile photo. Then click account to go to profile page, and add to be your friend on facebook.

How to search someone's number on facebook by mobile

The first way 

  • Please log out from your facebook account using your mobile phone.
  • Next, click this link.
  • After appearing the page like the image below, enter the mobile number in the fields provided.

  • After that, click "Search"
  • Next, you will see a facebook account that has the phone number.

  • The same way when you are using a PC, please search the facebook account on the search field.

The second way

  • Please log in to you facebook account using browser in your mobile phone.
  • Next, click the icon "Search"
  • Enter the mobile phone number in the search field. Then you will see the facebook account as shown below.

Then you just need to go to that person's profile and add them to be your friends on facebook.

I hope this article can help you and can become your reference materials, thank you.