Facebook Help Center Phone Number

Perhaps many facebook users have problems his Facebook account, it may also include you. There are several reasons why facebook users feel should contact facebook and complain of problems occurred on his Facebook account.

There are some things which are often asked or complained to facebook like can not log in, forgot the password, facebook account disabled, etc.

Perhaps the existing think you, where you have to contact facebook? There are some numbers help center from facebook and if you search the internet you will find several numbers help center from facebook in between like the below.
Facebook customer phone number -1844 785 8418
But you need to know the Facebook do not serve communications directly, your numbers on facebook help center service used for sales and law enforcement. When you dial the number, you normally will be linked to the help center's facebook link.
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How To Use The Facebook Help Center

Here, you can ask all the problems on your facebook account on the facebook service help center. Please following this steps.

  • Please visit the link facebook help center.
  • You can ask a question of a problem on your facebook account in the designated column red arrow as shown below.

  • You could also see the questions may be the same as the problem your facebook account on the red box above.
  • If you feel you didn't get the answer to the problems of your facebook account on the features above, you can also use the "Visit Help Comunity"

  • In "Visit Help Community" you can probably find answers to your facebook account problem, but will not immediately get the answer from employees of facebook but you can be helped by answers to other facebook users.
  • Then, from "help community", you may find answers from other users who've ever experienced problems like problems on your facebook account.
  • And you can ask questions on "Help Community" by click "Ask a Question"
  • If you have not logged in to your facebook account, then a pop-up will appear asking you to log in, enter your email or mobile number and password from your facebook account, then it will appear as shown below. Click The "Get Started"
  • After that, please enter your question in a column that is already provided, but you must select a topic on the "Choose a topic" and then select a sub-topic to specialize your question on the "Choose a sub-topics (optional)" and click "Next".
  • Next, you will see a list of posts that are related to your question, you can find the answer there. Consider the image below.
  • Please click "My question is new" If you want to create a new question, then you will be on your point on "Step 3" as shown below.
  • You can enter more detailed questions to facebook to get the most answers right. After that click "Post" and your question will be posted soon, please wait until there is a response either from facebook or from other users.

That way, on the issue of your facebook account, could be resolved and you can get a lot of knowledge about facebook tips and tricks there. Hopefully this article can help you. Good luck!