How to Get Phone Number From Facebook

The existence of social networks such as facebook allows one to communicate to others with no limits site. You can communicate with anyone and anywhere.

Even sometimes the privacy thing of yourself if you add it on your facebook account, it can be seen by all facebook users. You can arrange it so that your information like your mobile phone number in order not to be seen all facebook users. You can read the previous article about Facebook Full Site Privacy Settings if you want to set up your facebook account.

However, what if you want to know the phone number of the other facebook users?

You can get it easily, especially if the person you want to know his phone number not hidden.

Below, I will give you some tips for you to be able to get cell phone numbers from facebook. The following steps that you can follow.

How to get mobile number from facebook account

Tips 1

You never know with Google latitude application? This application you can use to find out all the information of the person you want to know about him including his cellphone number. You can get the phone numbers easily. Here's how you just need to enable this application on your mobile. After that search the profiles of people who showed up and the next you'll find information about a person that includes her cell phone number.
But unfortunately, the way this will work if the person is also using this application.

Tips 2

This is the easiest way and most certainly can be used to get the phone number on facebook, but with the proviso that user set up info phone number on the "Public". The following the steps:

1. Visit the facebook site

2. Then log in to your facebook account.

3. Next on your facebook account home page, look at the search field, please enter facebook account name that you would like to know the phone number in the search field.

Will appear a few accounts that have name almost the same, select the account that you mean. Then you will be taken to the profile page of the person you want to know the phone number.

Then in the profile page click the "About" under the cover photo. Then you will see the information from the profile, if the person is adding cell phone number on his Facebook account then you will get the phone number of that person. Here's an example:

Tips 3

You may have heard of GreaseMonkey, this application is an application you can use to get the phone number of someone else's facebook account. Here's the way you have to install this application on your computer browser, Mozilla firefox browser is usually on. Once installed click on "enable" to enable this application.

Then go to this link, then go to your facebook account, next paste this link in the address bar. Then you will find the information from your facebook account of the person you are looking for.

Tips 4

The next way more extreme, if you want you can ask it directly to friends of the facebook user and if you don't know a friend from facebook users who you want to know the phone number, you can ask directly to the user's facebook account. Surely you must have the courage to ask her.

Whatever that is for our good intentions to get the phone number of another person, we will get it. Hopefully, this article can help you and may be able to help more.