How to Change Your Phone Number on Facebook

At the beginning, you create your facebook account will be given the option to log in to facebook that is using the email address or mobile phone number. If you use your mobile phone number to log in to your facebook account, then your number will be in your facebook account. This number you can set whether to see everyone, only seen the friend or only you can see it. I also ever explained it in my previous article entitled Facebook Full Site Privacy Settings.

Your existing mobile phone number on facebook is not only used to log in, but your number will be useful when you forget the password.

In addition, you can also use your mobile phone number to enjoy facebook service like make status, receive notifications, commented on the facebook status, etc. All that you can do facebook via SMS.

However, in certain circumstances, require you to use the new phone number and remove the old phone number. Then all the data or accounts using your old mobile number should be regulated and replaced with a new number so well on your facebook account.

Next, how do i change my phone number on facebook?

Don't worry, because I will guide you to be able to change your phone number on facebook. The following steps that you can follow.

Change Facebook Number Phone

1. Please log in to your facebook account.

2. On the homepage of your facebook account, please click the icon a triangle upside down, on the top right corner. On the drop down, click on "Settings".

3. On the page "Settings" in the left portion of the page, select it and click the "Mobile"

4. Look in the "Mobile Settings" Please remove the old phone number by clicking "Remove" that is on the right side of the phone number.

5. After that click "Add another mobile phone number" to add your new cell phone number to your facebook account.

6. The page will appear as shown below.

After that, select the country code of place you live in the "Country/Region" then click "Next".

7. After that there will be an SMS that contains a confirmation code from facebook to your mobile number, please enter your mobile number in the column "Confirmation code"

8. After that, click "Next"

Now your mobile phone number you've listed in your facebook account. very easy, right?

Hopefully, this article can help you to be able to replace the old phone number on your facebook account and replace it with a new number.