How to Block Facebook

Who does not know Facebook? Yes, Facebook is one of the site's social media or social networking sites that are very famous in the world. Social networking site has users from different walks of life. One of the famous social networking can be a great alternative to establishing communication with anyone, in addition, for business or promotion, Facebook could be one option for its users.

But the thing that is unfortunate, there are some quarters who are not responsible for using it. Which Facebook abused like fraud and need the purposes of the particular group to the detriment of many people.

Especially from the negative side, often Facebook user that eventually became the victim of their activity. There is someone who may be well intentioned, but some users may not like the activity they are doing. This may be because they are wrong or less appropriate in the delivery.

What is the solution?

Quiet, tips to avoid this you have to be clever in looking for or accept friendship from someone. If you are already doing with this thing, one of which is to block such accounts that may harm you. But, by blocking all this takes time. So, unavoidably must block them one by one.

Another tip is that you can decide on a friendship, but it will not be effective. Because someday they will add us to be their friendship. More good is to block their Facebook account, so they will not be able to find us in Facebook search.

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Although they can still create a new account to add us to be their friend, by doing this proved enough to anticipate from the activities of those who like to abuse Facebook. Because usually, they will be lazy to make a new Facebook account which had to start from scratch again, coupled with the security of Facebook who is now much stricter than before.

How to Block Facebook Account

  • The first step is you surely must go first to the facebook account.
  • Please click on the icon located in the top right corner as shown in the image below, then click "Settings".
  • Next, you will be taken to the "Settings" page, please select and click the menu "Blocking"

  • In the "Block users" there are boxes of "Block users" Please enter the account name of the person that you are going to block, then click the "Block"
  • Next will come up a few accounts that have almost the same name like the username that facebook will blocked by you. Please select the person that you are going to block, don't get the wrong choose.
  • Then click the "Block"

  • After that, notification will appear that contains the certainties you to block that person, if you are sure please click the "Block"

Now you already know how to block someone on facebook. There are still other ways it can do to block others on facebook namely block a person from that person's profile.

How to Block My Facebook Account by Using Profile

  • Please log in to your facebook account.
  • Then find the profile of the person that you will block.
  • After that please click on "More" icon
  • Next, Select and click the "Block"
  • After that, the display will appear as shown below, please click "Confirm".

With tips like this, then you will not be found by the people who are already blocked. So you can at least secure wall and not will be no postings that appear on your wall.Well, pretty obvious, right? Hopefully, this article can help you.