How to Earn Money From Facebook - Make Money With Facebook

In the past at the beginning of his appearance, many are using facebook just to simply socializing or just simply looking for entertainment.

Unlike today, Facebook is no longer used just for simply looking for entertainment, chat, create status and more. At this time we can use facebook to make money ...

Are you serious?

Yes, of course, I am serious, now we can get revenue from Facebook by use of everything that is on Facebook.

How do I earn money from facebook?

Don't worry, I will share some tips on how facebook earn money. There are several ways that you can use to get money from Facebook. Here are some types of online business that you can use to earn money on Facebook.

1. Businesses of Service Like on Facebook

how to make money from facebook

One way to get money from facebook that most produce for me is the business of service LIKE, but this business is also quite a drain on time and energy.

As the name implies, this business model is to offer a service like facebook to facebook users who want to increase the number of LIKE on a fanpage that they create without having to bother the promotion.

2. Business of Dropship on Facebook

how facebook makes money

You can also get money from facebook with run the dropship business, even I have seen many who became the drop shipper to run this business model of the dropship.

Not just a fanpage that used to promote products dropship, but also a personal facebook account often also serve as a medium for a promotion, that more extreme is entrust stores the other person's facebook wall

3. Promote Ebook on Facebook

how facebook makes money

The way is fairly easy to get money from facebook is making the Ebook. No need to be a professional writer to start a business Ebook, because all you need is clever in storytelling.

Yes, because basically in marketing is much more important how Your convey compared to the content of the product.

Someone who has a good product, not yet certainly can get the good sales if he is not able to deliver it with the good, but instead, for they percentage with smart regarding products that it offers, as bad as any quality of the product will be of interest to consumer.

To promote your eBook products, you can do in two ways, namely through direct promotion or by making the giveaway.

Direct promotion I think it's pretty obvious that is by offering products directly to Your target market. While for the second way or giveaway is that I recommend, that is, of granting free but not free here obviously free, but there is a condition in which they were obliged to "like"/share your status.

4. Business Fan Page on Facebook 

Business facebook fanpage not equal to services LIKE that already I described above. Business Facebook Fanpage that I mean here is to make a fanpage and then sell per post.

how to make money on facebook

What the meaning of sale post?

Selling post on a fanpage not much different from the model of the existing promotion tweets on twitter, where the owner fanpage will offer advertiser willing products promoted through post/status facebook fanpage.

Often precisely the advertiser that comes on its own. But of course, this can only happen if you have a Fan page with the number of LIKE much and certainly have active fans who commented/like. For facebook fan page-making ways you can learn through the article how to create facebook page.

5. Business Game on Facebook

Do you know that playing games on facebook could get money? Yes, this is true existence is not a money game or the kind that same it but genuine money that you can spend anywhere.

How to Earn Money From Facebook

However, the process is not as simple as that, the trick is to make 1 facebook account (if not yet can create facebook please read how to create new facebook account) that We make specifically for play game on facebook, remember only play the popular facebook games like:

  • Candy Crush Saga
  • Dragon City
  • FarmVille 2
Here I assume you already have at least one facebook account with 1 game facebook which already has a high level, then search your fanpage that is related to the games you play.

Please promote your games with how to upload screenshots when playing the game or the point that indicates that your facebook account worth to purchased.

6. Business ads on Facebook 

The last way to get money from facebook as well as the most powerful way i.e. using ads from Facebook or often called Facebook Ads.
Make Money With Facebook

But keep in mind that from a variety of ways to get money from facebook that I have explained above, the business of Facebook Ads this is only obligated to expend costs, even not only costs but also need a credit card or VCC (virtual credit card).

There are a variety of ways you can try to earn money from Facebook Ads, like for example:
  1. Promotion the blog 
  2. Promotion own product 
  3. Promotion of other people's products (affiliate marketing)
Hopefully, this article that discusses how to make money from facebook can be a reference or inspiration for your efforts. And hopefully can be a solution for your business. Good luck.