How Do You Know if Someone Blocked You on Facebook

Maybe you ever block friends on facebook because they often disturb you, like spam, download the image tag haphazardly and others. What happens after blocked, certainly that person cannot open our facebook profile or access our entire data facebook. How if instead, you that blocked by your friends. Sure you feel worried will wonder, who block you on facebook? And how can you tell if someone blocked you on facebook?

how can i see who blocked me on facebook

This time I will share about how to tell if you have been blocked on facebook, basically my knowledge because there is a friend who asked me about the case.

If you have how can you tell if you are blocked on facebook
nicer than this way please share it with us.

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If you're curious about how to find out if someone blocked you on facebook, please note below...

How Do I Know if Someone Blocked Me on Facebook

Step 1:

Try to think and find out who the friend is missing from your friend list and also anybody ever angry, hate or fear with you.

how do you know if you re blocked on facebook

Step 2:

Make a new facebook account and then do a search of the people that you mean, be sure each profile can be opened.

Step 3:

Open your old facebook accounts that are being researched for examined who is doing the blocking of your facebook account. Search the people who ought to be suspected that block your facebook like on a search with a new facebook account. Well if the profile cannot be open or is not accessible then 100% of the people that are blocking your facebook.

Step 4:

Finding old conversations you'll ever do together with people you suspect on facebook. If you really want to know how to find out who has you blocked on facebook. Try to keep that in mind, maybe you ever chat with her on Facebook.

After that, please go to your facebook inbox. If you see a picture of the default profile and you are not clickable, it means the person has already blocked you on facebook.

Try to notice the look on your facebook inbox in the image below, a comparison of the look before and after you blocked.

how to tell if someone blocked you on facebook

Step 5:

Maybe sometimes you feel awkward to asking your friends, who have blocked you on facebook. You could try looking at the links that person's profile, see if you can access it or not.

If you can not access it means that people who have blocked you. Consider the image below.

how to know if someone blocked you on facebook

How to find out who blocked you on facebook at the top I created consists of 5 steps, so you can try it all for know who block you.

Now you already know how to know if you re blocked on facebook, hopefully, this way can help you and can become your reference so that you can find out who has blocked you on facebook. Good luck.