Top 6 Best Lists of Android Emulator for Your Windows 7, 8 &10

Before we know further about best android emulator for windows, you should understand what the emulator is. Some peoples may be do not know about what the matter of emulators and what the function of emulator for your PC or Windows. The main point of emulator for your computer is replicate the Android applications and game in your PC Windows, Computer or your PC.

The operation system which had been supported by the Emulator is Windows 7, 8,8.1 or 10. With the same ways, the 360 from Xbox game can be copied in your PC using the Emulator for Xbox 360.

As we know that almost all of peoples using Android to download many applications and game as well. But some peoples who love android game need the wider screen for your convenience and enjoy. So the android Emulator for windows can be your solution. We will more discuss about emulator and give the best android emulator for windows.

Nowadays, you can find some choices which let you able to download and install your favorite applications or games in your PC, computer or laptop as well. With the easier way and practice to use, basically, emulator let you to run several applications and games from Android in your computer or the other devices. Without android emulator for windows, you never able too install or run the applications. After you install the emulator, you will easier to look for the applications and install in your PC.

Here the top 6 best android emulator for windows (7,8 &10) :

  1. Droid4x
    Droid4X is one of the Android emulator for the Windows platform. Droid4X is the Android emulator made in China. Official site Droid4X claims that the performance and compatibility Droid4X against an application or game is the best. Droid4X itself has based the same GenyMotion i.e. VirtualBox-Based. Droid4X also LSD are free.
  2. Nox App Player
    The Nox App Player had been created new entry in the list especially for gamers. This application has utilities and adds some gamer needs to control the games using keyboard or mouse as well. The features from this emulator is stable reliable. The most interseting point that this application is free download
  3. Leapdroid
    The Leaproid becomes new alternative with the new development from the latest versions and give you some best choice. This application is using the virtual machine so the Android application can be made in your PC. This things make the Leaproid becomes one of the best choice and the optimacy that had been made. This emulator also faster and give the best scor for you. Leaproid has the developer team which actively and provide the support from the applications and games
  4. Bluestack
    Most of them said that Bluestack will be the first name for the android emulator. Bluestacks providing you without doubt, this application becomes the popular emulator to run the applications or game from Android which high availability for Mac and Windows
  5. Andyroid
    The other popular emulator is Andyroid. The features can control the screen through your smartphone becomes the first invention. This first invention makes the other emulator following this features. You can install any i=applications and games through your desktop browser
  6. GenyMotion App Player
    This application is the best platform for developing and testing the application and games from android
That's the list of the best Android emulator for Windows PCs, which surely have the advantages and disadvantages of each. So, customize the course to your needs, whether for productivity or play games.