How to Change Profile Picture on YouTube

Your YouTube account photo is commonly the first thing various other YouTubers experience of your account and also channel, so it's important that it's as eye-catching and also as reliable as feasible. Appropriately, this guide describes just how to alter your profile image, covering how to make the change on desktop as well as laptop computers, as well as likewise on mobile phones.

How to Change Profile Picture on YouTube

How to Change Profile Picture on YouTube in a Browser

Your YouTube account picture comes from your Google+ profile. You can, therefore, change it in one of two means: by logging into YouTube and also changing it from there, or by going directly to your Google+ account.

For desktop computer and also laptop customers (Windows and Mac), here's how to change it using YouTube:

  1. Go to in a computer's web browser.
  2. Click your YouTube profile picture, in the top-right edge of the display.
  3. Click My channel.
  4. Click your profile picture.
  5. Click EDIT.
  6. Select the image you 'd like to use as your profile picture, or pick Upload photo to choose a picture conserved to your computer.

This modifications your YouTube profile photo, which is additionally your Google+ photo. Nevertheless, you should remember that it may take anything from a number of mins to several hours for the change to sign up throughout all relevant accounts (e.g. it's likewise your photo for Gmail and also Google Hangouts).

One thing some users may notice is that, even after altering their Google profile image similar to this, their YouTube account photo may stubbornly remain the exact same. While this problem doesn't really affect anyone else that stumbles upon your YouTube account, it can be frustrating to keep seeing your old photo when you log back right into the video-sharing website. Thankfully, you can fix this concern by removing your browser's cache.

How to Change Profile Picture on YouTube Using Google+

Conversely, you can head straight to your Google+ account and alter your YouTube My Network image straight. Right here's how to do it:.

  1. Go to
  2. Click Profile (from the menu diminishing the left-hand side of the screen).
  3. Click EDIT PROFILE.
  4. Click your profile photo.
  5. Select the image you would love to make use of as your account image, or choose Upload photo to choose an image conserved to your computer system.

This will alter your Google+ profile photo, and by extension, it will certainly likewise alter your YouTube My Network picture.

How to Change Profile Picture on YouTube Using a Smartphone or Tablet

Thinking that you don't have a desktop or laptop easily to hand, you can transform your YouTube account picture using your smartphone or tablet. No matter whether you use iOS or Android, below's what you do if you have the YouTube app downloaded on your tool:.

  1. Open up the YouTube app.
  2. Sign in to your YouTube account.
  3. Tap your account picture in the top-right edge of the page.
  4. Tap My channel.
  5. Tap the Settings cogwheel symbol.
  6. Tap your profile photo.
  7. Faucet either Take a photo or Choose from your photos.
  8. Either take a picture or select an image saved to your tool and afterwards tap Use Image.

You ought to after that see a message at the bottom of the display, which reviews, "Account photo upgraded successfully.".