Steps to Delete Facebook Page

Old Facebook pages resemble ghosts of your previous online self-returning to haunt you. Steps to delete Facebook page...

Perhaps it's your college partner's horrible punk band, or pages you made in 7th grade like "Spinny Chairs Are Amazing!!!" and "I Love Justin Bieber" that have actually in some way resurfaced on your adult online dating profiles. If you're flooded with notices from old pages, it's most likely time to remove those likes.

Here are a couple of basic methods you can eliminate yourself from an old Facebook page you do not wish to be related to any longer.

Steps to Delete Facebook Page

Steps to Delete Facebook Page

The initial step to clearing a Facebook page is determining if you are an admin for that page. Holding the admin title for a page is the only method to have access to erasing pages. If you aren't an admin, you will have to demand gain access to from somebody who is-- and they may not be inclined to approve you gain access to if you intend on right away erasing the page.

1) Ways to delete a Facebook page using desktop

Go to the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of your Facebook homepage and choose the page you wish to delete. In the example listed below, I'm picking my author page, entitled "Kristen Husband."

Steps to delete facebook page

As soon as you are on the page, click Settings in the menu bar at the top.

how to delete facebook page

Scroll to the bottom of the "General" area in your settings, and click "Eliminate Page." Click "Erase (Page Call), " and you will be triggered to verify.

how to delete a facebook business page

Erasing the page indicates it will not be public any longer, and there will be a 14-day duration where you can restore it if you wish to bring it back to life.
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2) Ways to erase a Facebook page using phone or tablet.

Open your Facebook app. As soon as you have the app open, go to the page you wish to erase and tap the 3 "..." in the leading right corner.

how to delete facebook page on mobile

A pop-up menu will appear; tap Edit Settings. As soon as you remain in your configuration, go to General and scroll to the bottom of the page.

how to delete facebook page on mobile phone

The last choice, in General, will ask if you wish to eliminate the page. Tap Erase [Page Call], verify your selection and bid farewell to that page. (It's a long goodbye because you still have the 14-day waiting duration.).