How To Unlike Pages On Facebook

With the brand-new modifications to Facebook Chart Browse, the pages you like on Facebook will quickly appear in search results page. For the majority of us, there's absolutely nothing to fret about. Stating you "Like" How I Met Your Mom is simply an indication you had delighted in the program's amusing writing before Barney and Robin gathered ... for the 2nd time. How to unlike pages on Facebook?

Nevertheless, for one factor or another, you may have liked a page you should not have. If you're unpleasant with unsuspectingly shilling for business you not assistance or if you just wish to prevent revealing your love for anything humiliating, here's the very best method to eliminate your undesirable page Likes:

Ways to discover Facebook pages you have liked

1. Visit your profile and click the Likes app (it may be concealed under the application dropdown button).

How to unlike pages on facebook

2. Scroll to the bottom of your Likes page and click "Program Other Pages.".

how to unlike pages on facebook app

3. If you resemble me and have gone on some significant preference sprees, you may have to click the "reveal more" button to see the total list.

how to unlike pages on facebook fast

Over the previous four years-- Facebook pages have been around given that 2009-- I have liked around 300 various pages. I'm actually into Ghostbusters, Disney World, and social networks, so do not fret if you have not liked as numerous pages as I have.
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How To Unlike Pages On Facebook

To eliminate a page from your list, you'll have to unlike it. Hover over a page title, click the Like button, then choose "Unlike.".

how to unlike pages on facebook page