How to Deactivate My FB Account Temporarily

Continuing a series began this summer season about how Google (initial post here) and Yahoo users (initial post here) might manage their information, E-Crime Professional provides today how Facebook users might manage their information by having their accounts shut off, memorialized or erased. How to deactivate my FB account temporarily? Facebook does not disable profiles if they are not actively utilized as Yahoo does.

The only method a Facebook account closes is if the user decides to disable it (shut down or erase); or when a relative for instance (i.e., of a departed account holder) demands the memorializing or eliminating of an account; or as an outcome of a breach of Facebook terms and policies.

How to Deactivate My FB Account Temporarily

1) Go to your Facebook account, click the "Settings" pictogram (action 1) and after that choose "Account settings" (step 2) from the drop-down menu (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1

How to deactivate my fb account temporarily

2) Select the "Security" (step 1) tab on the left side menu (the "Security settings" will show on the right), go to the bottom of the "Security settings" menu where you'll see the "Deactivate your account" button (Fig. 2). Click it (action 2).

Fig. 2.

How to deactivate my fb account

3) A brand-new page will be shown, picked among the factors you are disabling your account (Action 1), inspect the "Pull out" box if you do not wish to get emails from Facebook (Action 2) more and after that click "Validate" (Action 3). Fig. 3.
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Fig. 3.

how to deactivate my fb account for a while

4) A pop-up Alert will appear triggering you (for security factors) to present your password (Action 1). After giving your password click the "Deactivate Now" button (Action 2) as explained listed below in Fig. 4.

Consequently, your account will be shut off.

Fig. 4.

deactivate facebook account temporarily

When you deactivate your account, your timeline and all details related to it vanishes from Facebook right away. Individuals on Facebook will not have the ability to look for you or see any of your info.

If you wish to return to Facebook anytime after you have deactivated your account, you can reactivate your account by visiting with your e-mail and password. Your timeline will be brought back in its whole (good friends, images, interests, and so on). You will have to have access to the login e-mail address for your account to reactivate it.