How to Delete My Facebook Account Temporarily

There's constantly the risk that relationships can grow stagnant - and if that's exactly what's taken place in between you and Facebook, you would not be the very first to obtain disappointed with the world's most significant social media network. How to delete my Facebook account temporarily?

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Possibly Facebook has provided simply one a lot of child images or advertising links. Perhaps your simply through with it for other factors. If so, here's ways to stop the service. Likewise, if you're a little skittish, there are other alternatives, which include shutting down instead of disabling your account. We'll discuss those also.

How to Delete My Facebook Account Temporarily

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If you're sure you do not desire anything to do with Facebook ever once again and you just want the directions for erasing your account, we will not evaluate you for that.

Go to this page on the internet, click Erase my account, and you're done. Every trace of your Facebook presence will be eliminated within 90 days.

If you wish to maintain your Facebook activities for some future recollecting - perhaps you are rather connected to your wall witticisms, or you have got lots of images you desire back - go to Facebook Settings online and follow the Download a copy of your Facebook information link under the General heading.
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You'll get an email when your archive is all set, and whatever you have ever done on Facebook can be downloaded in simple HTML format.

If you are not One Hundred Percent sure you wish to break it off with Facebook, you can forever disable your account rather. Go to Facebook Settings, click Security, then select Edit beside Deactivate your account, and lastly click the Deactivate your account button.

How to delete my facebook account temporarily

This hides you from the world on Facebook, however you can leap back in at any time, so it's not as long-term as erasing your account. Log back in once again, and whatever will be brought back only as you left it.