How Can I Change My Name on Twitter

Each Twitter account has a username, which is particular to the account, and a screen name, which more than one account can utilize. Usernames are often unknown and do not supply any sign of the user, whereas the display name is typically the user's name. You can alter both the username and show name as required through the Twitter account settings. You can change either call numerous times.

How Can I Change My Name on Twitter?

How Can I Change My Name on Twitter


1. Visit your Twitter account and click the Settings (equipment) icon. Click "Settings.".

2. Erase the existing username and get in the brand-new username you wish to utilize. The message "Offered" appears above the brand-new name, if it's readily available. Otherwise, you'll get a message that the name is currently taken, and you'll need to get in a variable name.

3. Click "Conserve Modifications." A verification message appears.

4. Enter your Twitter password and click "Conserve Modifications" to end up altering your Twitter username. How Can I Change My Name on Twitter?
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Show Call.

1. Visit your Twitter account. Click the Settings (equipment) icon and choose "Edit Profile.".

2. Erase the name in the "Call" text box, then get in the replacement name.

3. Click "Conserve Modifications" to upgrade your profile.

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Your username is restricted to 15 characters, and your display screen name is limited to 20 characters.