How to Remove Facebook Apps

How to remove Facebook apps? Specifically when you are not utilizing that app any longer, such as video games and editor apps which ask you to visit through Facebook.

Practically everybody uses Facebook still many people prevent using it. Nonetheless, its users are bigger than other social websites.

Wish to eliminate app which is not utilizing presently, and you believe not even going to use it in future. Follow the actions to get rid of apps you wish to stop using your Facebook account.

How to Remove Facebook Apps

How to Remove Facebook Apps

Many often social website Facebook where you fulfill buddies. It is apparent you wish to keep it tidy and do not want to let others utilize your timeline and gain access to your information.

If you have unneeded apps linked or enabled them mistakenly or wished to see the app by fast login gain access to. Here are basic actions to eliminate them.

Go to settings
Click to the fallen icon showed on the top right website. And after that click to "settings" alternative.

how do i remove facebook apps

In settings page click "apps" appear on the left side. This will open apps and websites gotten in touch with your Facebook account.

how to quickly remove facebook apps
Find out here:
Discover apps.
App settings page reveals all apps you enabled to utilize your Facebook account. Here just mouse over to an app you wish to get rid of. Mouse hovering will show the alternative to modify and eliminate it.

  • To edit click pencil icon where you can change apps presence, alert and others.
  • To get rid of, click cancel icon and it will ask you to confirm the action.

bulk remove facebook apps


If you make sure, then click to get rid of button or return by clicking to cancel button.

how do you remove apps from facebook