Facebook Profile Picture Size 2017

Facebook profile picture size 2017: If you have ever aimed to alter your Facebook profile photo, whether, for your profile or fan page, you understand how irritating it can be. On top of Facebook's technical problems, which leave you question if you're completely stuck to that enigma of doom, the thumbnail never appears to look right.

On your profile thumbnail, you're either a speck in the range, or you're flaunting your left eyebrow. On your fan page, your brand name's logo design is cut off. Here are some fan pages that still have not gotten it rather best:

Facebook Profile Picture Size 2017

Facebook advises that profile images need to be 360px broad. The height can differ approximately three times the width. Nevertheless, they do not make it clear how the thumbnail that Facebook utilizes is produced from this image.

You'll discover that Facebook crops images when creating a thumbnail, losing info around the edge. You can modify the thumbnail to drag it to a various part of your photo. However, you can not broaden the thumbnail choice. So when you develop your profile image that's 360 pixels large, enable a 12-pixel border around vital details such as a trademark name or logo design to permit automated cropping.

Facebook thumbnails are consistently square, despite the shape of your profile image. So when utilizing rectangle-shaped images, make certain to keep your preferred thumbnail images within a square limit. Then you can modify the thumbnail choice appropriately.

Facebook Profile Picture Size 2017

Action 1: Produce a profile image utilizing the right measurements.

Your profile image will look like a 160 x 160-pixel box. Nevertheless, if you try publishing a photo that little, you will see a mistake message. User-friendly, best?

Produce an image that is 360 x 360. The minimum upload size is 180 x 180, and the profile image will look like 160 x 160. However, I regularly produce the image as a 360 x 360 file, so it's simple to understand exactly what border size I need to deal with. Next, create a 12 x 12 border around the edge of your image. This will be the location that is cut off by Facebook in your thumbnail image. To make this simple for you, I have developed a Photoshop design template that has a layer for this border.

Facebook Profile Picture Size 2017

Action 2: Publish your profile image.

Go to your Facebook page and hover over the flag icon. Click the Include Profile Photo button that appears. If you currently have a profile photo, hover over the image to expose an Edit Profile Image button rather.

Facebook Profile Picture Size
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Action 3 (optional): Modify your page thumbnail.

Keep in mind that your thumbnail image might appear properly right now. If so, you can avoid this action. If you have to modify the thumbnail after the picture uploads, or if your thumbnail appears off-center or cut off revitalize the page, mouse over your profile image and click Edit Profile Photo. Then click Edit Thumbnail.

Next, drag the little image up until the primary part of the profile image is within the thumbnail box. When you were more than happy with the method it looks, click Save.

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