Facebook Profile Image Size

Facebook profile image size and Measurement hasn't truly altered much and has actually stayed almost the exact same recently! Today on createregisteraccount.com, we cover the measurement and size of facebook page profile picture since 2017!

facebook profile image size

If you desire your Facebook Page's Profile Picture/Avatar to show effectively on desktop, mobile and tablets, then it is essential you resize the social networks picture of your brand name to the suggested size and measurement recommended by Facebook.

Facebook Page Profile Image Measurement.

Your Facebook Page profile image size shows at 170 × 170 pixels on desktop, 128 × 128 pixels on mobile phones and 36 × 36 pixels on a lot of function phones. Facebook Assist Center advises submitting a page profile image of a minimum of 180 x 180 pixels.
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Even if you are not able to resize your Page's avatar image to precisely 180 x 180, Facebook has this cool function that auto-fits your page profile thumbnail to fit the square design.

Facebook Page Profile Image Size Show.

While Facebook Pages Profile photo presently shows at a measurement of 170 × 170 pixels since 2017 on the social media network, you need to publish a bigger image size in order for your page avatar to be really clear and not appear blurred when clicked/expanded on a computer system (i.e., Facebook Desktop/Laptop).

Today (January 17, 2017), when we attempted to upgrade facebook profile image size on Facebook with a 190 × 190 pixels image and with a 300 × 250 image, we got the following notice/warning:.

" This image is little and your profile photo will be less clear.".

Facebook Profile Image Size