How to Download Facebook Video to Phone

How to download Facebook video to phone? Yes obviously. Facebook is more intriguing nowadays with a lot of videos being upload by various individuals daily on Facebook. People delight in viewing videos on Facebook published by good friends, however eventually since of one factor or the other, the idea of having the video on your android gadget might cross your mind, has this ever taken place to you? in some cases you stumble upon a funny video or instructional video, and you will wish to download the video from Facebook to your phone.

There are lots of reasons that you would wish to download Facebook video to your Android mobile phone, you may stumble upon a video on Facebook you want to reveal somebody or watch later on even when you do not have the web gain access to, then you may wish to download video from facebook to your Android phone.

How to Download Facebook Video to Phone

Though currently, Facebook uses no main link or method to conserve video from facebook to Android phone, however, there are constantly back entrance to take when the primary door is closed Am going to talk about two various techniques to download facebook video on android phone

First Technique To Download Facebook video on Android

This approach includes utilizing ES file explorer and Facebook app however you have to employ a particular variation of facebook which is Facebook v27. download here) because the current Facebook change would not work. To understand your current Facebook change, click the menu icon on the top right corner of the app, and choose About, you ought to see your present variation. If your Facebook change is the very same or lower, you ready to go, otherwise download the difference here.

How to Download Facebook Video to Phone

Before we continue, do you have ES File Explorer? If you do not.

have it on your android phone, download it here from Play Shop and set up.

Action 1: Open your Facebook, scroll down to any video of your option you want to download, click the menu icon right by the video post, then choose "conserve video."

how to download facebook video to my phone

Action 2: Click the menu icon on the top right corner of the app, scroll down and pick "conserved," you must see the list of videos you have minimized Facebook.

Action 3: Select the video to wish to download, the minute you choose a video, you would see a menu asking you to pick the app to open the video with, choose ES Downloader, the download will begin, and you need to see the downloading development right on the screen.

how to download facebook video to your phone

Simply in case you choose your present Facebook variation, and you do not wish to roll back to any old change, then you can attempt this next approach to download facebook video to your Android phone.

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2nd Approach To Download Facebook video on Android.

This method includes utilizing 3rd party apps, MyVideoDownloader for Facebook is the terrific app to download videos from your Facebook to your Android gadget quickly.

Action 1: Download and set up MyVideoDownloader for Facebook, launch the app and log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2: If you see any video on Facebook you want to conserve, click the video menu icon on top right of the video post, similar to in the very first technique, from the menu, click like or conserve.

how to download facebook video from phone

Action 3: Open MyVideoDownloader, click the menu and choose video, depends upon exactly what work you handled the video, whether you liked it or waited, check out it to discover the video, tap on the little tick icon next to the video and struck the download icon situated on the top-right corner of the screen.

The video will save money on your phone storage.

Now I have talked about two various approaches to download facebook video to your android phone, which among the method would you choose?