How To Turn Off Facebook Video Autoplay

Have you discovered just recently that when you scroll your Facebook wall, every time a post video focuses it instantly play? I do not know precisely what is the reason that Facebook included this function aside from taking my bandwidth. How to turn off Facebook video autoplay...

By default it sets to play immediately with the noise is mute, you can disable it if you do not desire. If you are utilizing your mobile information, I recommend to turn it off or set it to WiFi just to avoid from consuming your information strategy.

how to stop videos from automatically playing on facebook app

To switch off video autoplay on Facebook, I developed this tutorial to make it simple for a novice to follow. Whether you are utilizing your desktop internet browser or your Android and iOS gadget I got it covered. Just scroll down and select exactly what device you are using.

How To Turn Off Autoplay On Facebook

Switch off video AutoPlay on Facebook utilizing your web browser

At the very first time that you see the video playing there is a notice on advising you where you can manage or alter the autoplay settings. However, if you disregard it, you will not see it in the next video.

To gain access to Facebook video settings, go to Settings > Video or utilize this link, under Auto-play videos area choose "Off."

How to turn off facebook video autoplay

Switch off video AutoPlay on Facebook utilizing Android Gadget

If you are using Android gadgets, you can turn off the video autoplay in Facebook under App Settings. It's much better to put it out or put it on "Wi-fi just" to avoid your information prepared from utilizing unconsciously.

To alter the settings, Open a Facebook app, then go to your profile, scroll down and search for App Settings, on the next window, tap on "Videos play instantly" and on the popup choose the settings that you desire.

how to turn off autoplay on facebook
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Shut off video AutoPlay on Facebook utilizing iOS Gadget

In iOS device, You can turn off the autoplay in the Facebook video, under settings. Please note I am using iPad mini in the screenshots listed below.

Go to your settings, then discover the Facebook app, typically situated at the bottom. Tap to expose the settings on the right, then under video area, tap on "Auto-play" then on the next slide window pick the settings that you desire.

how to turn off autoplay on facebook iphone

Now that you have currently shut off the autoplay settings on Facebook video, you have now the control whether you wish to see the video or not.

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