Live Stream on Facebook

Very first watch this video on the best ways to setup OBS (Open Broadcaster Software application) for live stream on Facebook. In this tutorial, I'll reveal you how simple it is to setup OBS for streaming on your Facebook Page. Now with the Facebook Live API, you can likewise stream on your profile, in groups or on your Service Page.

Live Stream on Facebook

If you wish to reside on your Facebook Organisation Page, you can follow the directions in the video above. This readies if you have a page, however exactly what if you wish to stream survive on your profile or in a group? Facebook does not provide you releasing tools for profiles. However, they do supply designers the Live Video API.

Live Stream on Facebook

I produced a button from the main Facebook Live Video API to make things simpler for you.

1. Click the "Produce Live Stream To Facebook" button above.

live stream on facebook

2. Then pick whether you wish to go Survive on your profile, group or page and click "next."

3. A stream pop-up alert will begin.
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4. Click "OKAY, " and a pop-up window will appear. If the window does not seem to examine your pop-up settings to enable pop-ups.

5. In the window enter your upgrade text and video details.

live stream on facebook from pc

You cannot go LIVE yet. First, you need to go into the Stream Type in the Stream setting in OBS and begin your stream so that Facebook can get it. As soon as Facebook gets the information from your stream, it will not show "OFFLINE" and show your Live Stream sneak peek.

Anything else is the very same when it comes to streaming on your Facebook Page as explained in the video above.