Live Video on Facebook

Live video on Facebook - Mobile live streaming is all the rage these days. You can go live to your social networks followers from your cell phone from anywhere and at any time. And you can talk with individuals in real time. Something interesting occurs? Share the video and get peoples' feedback instantly!

Periscope is a great platform that has people all over the world sharing their experiences with others from their phones. However recently Facebook entered the game by presenting their Live video to all users in the United States. Of course, this is substantial. It's Facebook for goodness sake! The capacity for a broad audience is massive!

live video on facebook

So ... how should you use Facebook to engage with your fans? Let's dive in!

If you have a personal profile (you do have a Facebook profile, right?), then you ought to have access to live stream. If you don't see the option, either you're on your page which may not be confirmed, or they might still be finishing the roll out, so only hang tight and keep checking back.
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Pro idea: You do not require to be on Wi-Fi to survive on Facebook, but it certainly assists make the connection that better.


  1. Log into your Facebook app.

  2. Click on the Update Status box.

  3. Key in a title for your video. Exactly what are you revealing people? Exactly what are you speaking about? Specify with your title and let people know what they're seeing!

  4. At the bottom, you'll see "Live Video." Click that.

  5. The status upgrades you just typed in will instantly fill itself in on this screen.

  6. You can pick to make this personal or just to friend if you desire.

  7. Select if you wish to broadcast from the front or rear cam, you can change this while you're live.

  8. Usage landscape mode if you want. Because of how the video is shown in the Facebook streams, it's constantly going to be boxed. Not landscape. Not portrait. Just sort of ... boxed. So it doesn't entirely matter if you remain in portrait or landscape mode when you relay live ... however, it does make it better for you to check out remarks in landscape mode!

  9. As soon as you're all set, click the Go Live button.

Your fans will begin to see your live video in their news feeds. And here's the cool thing, the longer you're live, the more possibility people have of capturing your live stream! Facebook, in fact, places your live stream greater in the algorithm, so people are more most likely to see it than state ... a text post.