Unblock Facebook Sending Messages

How to unblock Facebook sending messages - Facebook lets your company stay linked to Web society by sending you messages about activities connecting to pages you handle and groups you follow. You can get these alerts on Facebook, using e-mail, or through text or notifies on your phone. You might have obstructed Facebook from sending out these messages, maybe since you were on the trip. You can quickly restore them.

unblock facebook sending messages

Unblock Facebook Sending Messages 

Click the equipment icon on the leading right corner of your Facebook page to expose a pop-up menu.

Select "Account Settings" from the pop-menu to reveal the General Account Settings screen.

Click "Notices" in the sidebar to show the Notifications Settings screen.

Inspect under "Exactly what You Get Informed About" to see which kinds of messages are presently being obstructed. Such types reveal the word "On" beside them with the variety of associated alternatives that do not block messages. For instance, "Group Activity" can show "On for 6 of your 13 groups," which reveals that you get messages from 6 groups and obstruct signals from 7.
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Click the type that you require, such as "Group Activity," to show its broadened choices, and pick something aside from "Off" from the appropriate drop-down you wish to unclog. For instance, under "Group Activity" you might have stopped messages from a group called "Small company Providers." Click the "Off" drop-down beside it and select "All Posts." Messages from that group can now reach your Facebook page and e-mail.